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The Loughborough Christmas & Emergency Relief Committee

The Loughborough Christmas & Emergency Relief Committee (LC&ERC) is a registered charity founded in 1988 on the tradition of neighbours helping neighbours. Funded entirely by gifts from our community, we provide approximately 100 local families a year with holiday food baskets and/or emergency financial assistance to help them cope with unexpected crises such as fire, sudden death or utility disconnection.

Our donors are making a life-changing difference for families in our community, but the rising costs of food and utilities mean the need for support is greater now than ever before.

"The support made all the difference in the world to me, and not just financially. It helped me to get out there again, to help others, to interact in the community and hold my head high."
LCERC beneficiary

Your tax deductible gift today can help our neighbours in need, make our caring community even stronger, and send an important message of support and belief that the challenging times will get better.

Read more about the LC&ERC and how you can become a part of Loughborough's tradition of generosity and community spirit.

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Friday, January the 12th, 2018
Adam & Lorie Popkie of Prestige Stone ran a promotion to aid us in our Christmas Basket program. For each countertop sold... more

A Wonderful Boost!!

Friday, January the 5th, 2018
On Saturday, December 9, 2017 the 18th Annual Little Betty Rock & Roll Benefit Dance was held at the Royal Canadian Legion... more

Two Huge Thank You's

Monday, December the 4th, 2017

Our first Thank You goes to Bev McNeill, her family and friends for once again organizing the Haunted Barn. This has... more