To provide assistance during the Christmas season to any disadvantaged person or family in the former Loughborough Township.

To provide emergency relief throughout the year where applicable and where funding permits.

How do we determine if a need is genuine

Christmas Assistance – our committee members contact previous recipients in the fall of each year. In all fairness, we depend on our clients to be honest about their needs. If we have doubts that a request is warranted, we will work with the client to determine their needs and assist in determining next steps. If for any reason we are unable to help, we will direct the client to contact Southern Frontenac Community Services. Our operating funds are provided annually by generous donors within our community, therefore, it is imperative that those funds are used to benefit members of our community who truly need the assistance.

How do we define Emergency Relief

Emergency relief is financial assistance provided by the LC&ERC to meet unforeseen needs experienced by individuals as a result of accident, fire, illness or natural disaster. Such relief will be short-term and immediate in nature, dealing with the crisis at hand but not with any long-term challenges that may also flow from it.

It is neither the intent nor the function of this fund to replace the responsibilities of social service agencies at any level of government.

A member of LC&ERC will follow-up with the client regarding the request for financial assistance and, will gather further information regarding the request. We provide a hand-up to our clients, not a hand-out. Clients must be willing to work with us to guarantee a successful long-term outcome.

2021 Annual Report